Our Community

At Living Grace, we are a community who is growing in truth and kindness.

Since every human being has dignity and value, we strive to be a community where all people feel loved and invited to grow with us in the truth of Christ.

Our Story

At Living Grace, we are also a church in transition.

Formally known as First Church of God (Church of God Anderson), we are now re-launching as the Living Grace Church. We changed our name to Living Grace to better describe our unique calling to bring people together in Love, Truth, Kindness and God’s word.

small plant growing amongst moss, new growth

We are excited to begin this journey; to meet new people, face new challenges, and create a loving and welcoming community.

If you visit us during our re-launch, you will notice that we are in transition. If you are interested in joining a newly established church or are entrepreneurial in nature, come join us!