Growth Path

4 Part Discipleship

At Living Grace Church we realize that personal spiritual transformation takes time and effort. It is a journey that often resembles two steps forward, one step backward, and a few side trips here and there!

That is okay, and perfectly normal. 

We trust that God patiently travels with each one of us and guides us as we listen to Him. We also walk together knowing that a voice of a friend on the pathway is sometimes exactly what we need to encourage us to take the next step.

We realize that our journey of faith progresses more easily when there is a clear, well-defined path to follow. At Living Grace we think of that pathway as having four parts (or seasons):

EXPLORE | Explore God’s Truth and Love

We want to explore God’s Truth and Love together and individually. As we explore His word together, we discover more deeply both who we are and who God is. We grow as humans and as a community. This then pushes us to…. 

EXTEND | Extend Kindness to Those in Need

We believe that every human being on this planet has needs. As we explore God’s truth and love, we want to apply this learning in practical ways to extend kindness to others, loving them as ourselves.

ENCOURAGE | Encourage Deep Growth Together

Extending kindness helps us as a community to encourage deep growth in each other, our friends, neighbors and loved ones. We learn to be authentic with each other and to encourage one another to grow.  

EQUIP | Equip the Next Generation

This entire growth process helps us to equip the next generation. As we grow together in community, it provides a model and a humble context in which the next generation may do the same. We can become better parents, school teachers, friends, mentors, and family members together with those who join us on the journey. This will help our future generations to surpass us in many exciting ways.  

Before you join the journey with us, we want you to realize a couple of important points. We believe this journey is very important. We think we are all called to grow

and we can all grow deeper in our love for God and for fellow human beings.

At the same time, we understand that this journey can be very messy. It is not a pathway that we complete before we get to heaven; it is a lifetime journey that moves through different seasons, and sometimes multiple elements of each of these seasons, simultaneously.

It is something we talk about and something that we challenge ourselves with almost every week. It is very important to us.

We keep things simple at Living Grace Church. We encourage everyone to grow – kids, teens, adults … everyone. The Growth Path is at the heart of our community and we would love to have you travel that journey with us